The cost for helmet design (which is included in the base cost for each package) is $250. If you work with a designer and provide your own design then the $250 is deducted from the base cost. Changes are possible and billed at $50 per hour. The design process is based on input from the customer (discussion about what you want, selection of colors, examples of anything you like, etc.) and typically takes 3-4 weeks before the painting process starts. Once the customer signs off on the final design and colors no changes can be made.


The paint process takes 3-4 weeks from artwork approval and receipt of helmet.


Helmets ship 3 days after the final clear coat has been applied. Shipping of helmets from the customer to me and to the customer must be done with signature required and insured to the full value of the helmet and artwork, no exceptions!


Package 1 – $1,250+

Includes 2-3 colors, simple design with no complex shadows or patterns. One painted helmet brand logo.

Package 2 – $1,500+

Includes 3-4 colors, medium complexity design, shadow detail. One painted helmet brand logo.

Package 3 – $1,750+

Includes 3-6 colors, more complex design, advanced shadow detailing. 2-3 painted logos.

Optional Add-ons

  • Logos $25 per logo
  • Pattern $175+
  • Glitter/Metal flake $200+
  • Gold or Silver leaf $175+
  • Painted rear spoiler (customer supplied) $175
  • Matte finish $100+
  • Matte/Gloss combination $300+
  • Vinyl glitter or patterns $175+
  • Neon paint $50+
  • Chrome or Gold Base $675 + This is outsourced to a specialist and the turnaround time can be up to 6 weeks so that will add additional time before I can start working on your helmet.
  • Rush Service (Please email for availability)


All helmets orders require an initial 50% deposit with the balance due when the helmet is completed and ready to ship. After the deposit is placed I will work on your design. If you already have a design I will order the paint for your helmet and start working on it approximately 1 week later. To discuss your helmet painting project send an email to mike@mikezagorski.com


Will you paint a mini 1:2 scale helmet?

No – It is not cost effective for me to paint that size of helmet and the graphics typically end up too small for cutting masks.

Can you incorporate your traditional hand painted art style into helmet designs?