I grew up in Scotland, moved to the US in 2000, and now call Colorado home. From 1995 I’ve been a competitive cyclist racing throughout the UK, USA, and Mexico. I’ve won 4 US national championships and a UCI master world championship in 2018. Professionally, I’m a licensed architect and have spent my career working in architecture, construction management, and real estate development.

When I was in primary and secondary school in the UK (That’s K-12 for US readers) one of my strengths was art (definitely NOT art history). I always gravitated towards technical/complex images vs abstract/still life, although I do really like landscapes. Over the subsequent two decades I barely touched a paintbrush other than walls in our house, or our fence. When Covid-19 appeared and Work From Home became standard practice early 2020 I decided to tackle a painting to maintain sanity. I spent my lunch hours and evenings tackling a 24″x36″ painting on Max Verstappen/Red Bull. It wasn’t exactly productive to work in short stints, but I got there in the end.

The Reddit post of my first F1 painting that started my journey as an artist!

In mid November 2020 I was laid off from my job on a Thursday with my final day being Friday the 13th! So appropriate for 2020, right? I had posted a progress photo of my Verstappen painting on Reddit (r/formula1) and within 12 hours it had more than 7,000 upvotes. Hmm, maybe I should get prints made! On Friday, November 13, 2020 I dropped off the original to be professionally captured, had prints made, and haven’t looked back.

My artwork is now throughout the world: USA, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, etc.!

Painting live at Ferrari of Denver’s SF90 Spider release event. Photo: Ferrari of Denver/Scott James Photography

All prints for sale here are printed professionally in Denver, Colorado on Moab Entrada 300gsm 22.5 mil archival paper (cotton) with archival ink. Prints are individually signed and numbered and shipped from Colorado, USA.