KHMTT and Superior-Morgul TT

Photographic evidence that I've actually raced this year!
Photographic evidence that I’ve actually raced this year! Photo by Ryan Muncy.

Despite only racing a few of the events, and having a few blunders along the way, I managed 8th overall out of 25 in the KHMTT series. Not a peak event, so it made for some great training and also provided the opportunity to work out the kinks with my warmup, bike setup, and position.

Superior-Morgul TT

After the KHMTT series, the next race I took a stab at was the TT stage of the Superior-Morgul 3-day. That went mostly well other than missing the first turn and losing a bunch of time. On paper, my result wasn’t that great, but adjusting for the lost time I had potential for a top 20 ride among some of Colorado’s fastest P/1/2 riders. I had my best avg wattage to date for a TT so that was a small victory.