Rest Day

Train hard, rest harder!


After a fairly hard (but good) week of training that included getting 41/50ish riders in the Morgul TT (Would have been top 20 had I not missed the first turn), and a painful ride on Sat, I had the luxury of a “rest” day from training on Sunday. That’s a rare occurrence, so I figured I’d “rest” by doing the Devil’s Head Fire Lookout hike! It’s near Sedalia, involves driving about 8 miles of dirt road, 2.8 miles (but I think longer as the hike started before the trailhead) roundtrip, and close to 1,000ft of elevation gain. Normally that would be a cakewalk of a hike; however, I thought I’d increase the “rest” aspect of the hike by bringing along my 2.6yr old… All 33lbs (live load!) of her, plus my DSLR, and her food. She hiked bits and pieces but I reckon she spent 70% of the time on my shoulders and 15% just being held. Lots of comments along the trail such as “Now THAT’s a workout!”… It turned out to be a great hike with decent weather and a few snowflakes at the summit. We made it back alive. She slept like a log. I hurt like a mofo on Monday morning! Good times!!!