Touch wood…

… another week of training and racing in the bag without getting sick! Training has been going great and I’m back to making some decent gains. Last week was somewhat brutal so it was nice that I had 2 off days while traveling to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for work. That reminds me about Saturday’s ride… The weather in the Denver area wasn’t so great due to lots of rain. On Saturday, it finally stopped raining, and despite being a little overcast I figured I’d lucked out and could fit in my 1.5hr ride without getting drenched. So I ventured out… About 40mins into the ride, the rain gradually started, then it got so foggy that I could only see about 50ft in front. Bad enough that I rode a decent looking backwards more than forwards due to fear of becoming roadkill. I survived the decent and appeared out of the fog, but damn it was cold. The rain turned to sleet and I could barely feel my finger or toes, but I pressed on with the last of my intervals. It took a good 30mins in the shower with the hot on full for me to thaw out. My TT bike was quite a mess too and needed a thorough cleaning on Sunday. Within an hour of getting home from my ride we had about 2 inches of snow, then another 3 inches overnight.

This is what the road looked like on Saturday's ride.
This is what the road looked like on Saturday’s ride.
... and this is what it normally
… and this is what it normally looks like.