Unrelated to this post, but here’s a photo taken on Antelope Island, Utah.

I swear I spent 30+ years building up a pretty decent immune system; however, the mini-me that lives under my roof seems to take home all kinds of germs from daycare. It’s only April but I think I’ve been sick more this year than the the past 5 years combined. Earlier in the year I got sick, put up a fight for 2+ weeks before caving in and going to see a doctor. The outcome was that I had  a smidgen of strep… Roll on 2 months… I thought my voice sounded different for a few days, but felt fine… Got in some decent training, then an hour post Saturday ride I felt like death. A combined 18hrs of sleep ensued and I was pretty useless at anything other than sitting on my ass or sleeping. Another visit to the doctor and the outcome was that I had Strep again. 10 days of antibiotics and a few days of zero training or racing. Fun… I figured it would be better to take some real time off now and not dig myself into a deep hole. I’m now back to 95% so fingers crossed I don’t get sick again for a very long time (highly unlikely)!