Go hard, turn left…


No, not THAT left, the other left! That pretty much describes how my time trial went last night. After last week’s cluster, I pulled apart the RocketShip, re-cabled the rear brake, added spacers to the front brake (2 brakes are nice to have when needed!), torqued the bars to 5Nm, etc. Took the Elite TurboMuin vs. the rollers so that I’d actually have some resistance to warm up with. I planned out my warmup and printed out the schedule. The bike worked, the warmup went went, and I rolled to the start with 40sec to go. About as perfect as you can get!

One of the lessons learned from last week was to not go too hard in the first 2 mins. As such, I held myself back (and trust me, I bloody hate doing that!) for the first 2 mins before laying down decent watts. No rain/thunderstorm this week, but a bitch of a crosswind was on tap to keep things exciting. I felt like I was passing more riders than the previous week and did my best to sail the bike in the crosswind… Scott Tietzel caught me a bit later this week and didn’t disappear out of sight as quickly this time… Well, at least not until I got directed the wrong way around mile 6. By the time I’d figured out that I was riding back to the parking lot and no longer on course, freewheeled for a bit, then got back on course I’d lost at least 42sec (based on my SRM). I did what I could to get back into the game but in a 10 mile TT, 42sec is a substantial chunk of change to try and recover from. I crossed the finish in 22:06.02 vs last week’s 22:13.3. Had I not added in the detour, 4th place with a low 21 was in the bag. 3rd would have been a stretch, but who knows.

Next time!