Snowing and Sick

11026057_10152674493546711_3574487263593300085_nThe past 7+ days have mostly consistent of it snowing a LOT in Colorado (4th snowiest February on record!) and me blowing up radioactive colored chunks of mucous. Fun times… Nah, not really. After forced rest from training followed by too many days riding indoors, I finally threw on as many layers as I could and ventured out for a few hours in bloody cold weather (-9C). It’s manageable as long as the roads are dry and it’s not sleeting.

One cool part of the last week is that I had another US national track champion contact me asking about the SRM rail mount that I designed. That got me off my ass and back to the drawing board to figure out a more final design. I’ve got a kickstarter in the approval cue, a couple possible manufacturers, and a video I need to finish.

11037572_10152674005536711_7681298299173923022_oGetting closer to the final design!