It’s all about that buzz…

It’s been a while since my last post and the blog was looking a bit lame when I removed my old sponsors (I’m riding without a team or any official sponsors) so I got rid of the older heavily customized wordpress theme I was using and replaced it with this more generic one. Keep it simple, right!

Last year I finally made the jump from mechanical to electronic Dura-Ace… I liked it so much I decided to throw a similar setup on my time trial bike.


Along with the groupset upgrade I figured I should get a newer frame to replace the decade old relic that I’ve been riding.

felt_bicycles_da1_frameset_2015If all things go to plan, I should be adding a 2015 Felt DA1 to my existing race quiver (2014 FC road bike and TK1 track bike) very soon.

I’m now about 5 weeks into working with a new coach, and thankfully I’ve gone from somewhat hating / needing a break from cycling, to being really motivated. Training has been going great and it’s nice to see some decent fitness gains already. I can’t wait to get stuck into some Colorado racing this season; however, there’s still 6-7 weeks more work to be done before that happens.