Live High, Train Low

Since moving from sea level (Hawaii) to moderately high altitude (Denver, and now Parker) training has definitely been a struggle. It took a good 6+ months before I finally felt somewhat normal vs. wanting to pass out during intervals at 6000ft. I worked with a coach for some of 2013 and most of 2014 but never really saw any tangible gains. The coach likely new what he was doing, but unfortunately not so versed in the challenges of LH-TH (Live High, Train High). In an ideal world, athletes follow a LH-TL (Live High, Train Low) lifestyle. This is feasible in locations such as Utah where you can live high in Park City, and drive down to Salt Lake City and train low; however, it’s not possible to drive to a location with low altitude as that simply doesn’t exist within a realistic driving distance. I recently read anything and everything I could on the topic of altitude training and also bugged someone with 20+ years of experience with world class athletes and altitude.

As such, I’ve got a few changes for 2015.

– A new coach
– Better knowledge of living/training at altitude and a plan to manage my training a lot better (LT-TL)
– A race calendar that’s already planned out vs. 2014 where I only raced a few times (The least racing I’ve done since 1995 other than the first year I was in Colorado and did zero racing)
– No team and no sponsors (Can’t say I didn’t try; However, finding a team in Colorado just never gained much traction. I’m either too slow, too old, not old enough, or live in the wrong zip code)