Knock, knock, knock…

So… I knew it was inevitable… Yesterday morning my alarm went off at the usual 545am but I decided I’d roll the dice and try and get another 15min of shut-eye before hopefully not sleeping in for work. Shortly after 6am I hear a knock, knock, knock, knock, knock… at my door. I walked to the door not sure if someone was actually there, peeked through the door and saw a tall guy with two black bags. I opened the door, confirmed my name, was advised that my early morning wake up was courtesy of USADA, checked the DCO’s (Doping Control Officer) credentials, then let him enter.

My first ever anti-doping test was in Edinburgh, Scotland after a half assed 3rd place a the Scottish track championship for the Individual Pursuit. As my mum remembers clearly, that resulted in an approx. 4hr wait for me to provide a sample.

Roll on 10+ years and a win (Team Pursuit) at Elite Track Nats in 2013 and I was up for whiz quiz numero dos! It took over a decade, but I whittled my time down from 4hrs to about 3hrs. Almost missed out flight back to Colorado. Lots of free gatorade and water were consumed that day and my bladder almost exploded enroute to LAX.

On this occasion I managed to complete the whiz quiz in about 2hrs! Lots of talking with the DCO about all kinds of random stuff and some awkward time spend surfing the net in mostly silence while the DCO sat across the table from me. We did have some conversation and the DCO was actually really cool and friendly. It took two attemps but finally I managed to get the urine flowing, filled the cup, poured the A + B samples, signed various documents on the DCO’s iPad and boom, done!