Felt FC

It’s been at least 3 years since I had a road bike that was from the current model year with current components… As of yesterday, I now have a pretty sweet Felt FC to train on thanks to much appreciated support from Felt Bicycles and Shimano. The switch from Dura-Ace 7900 to 9000 is night and day. I couldn’t go all out for Di2, but the mechanical is more than ample for my needs. I scored some DT Swiss rims online, got some DT Swiss spokes from my friend that runs Beehive Bicycles in SLC, Utah, and built them up one night. Well, more like 2-3 nights thanks to the difficulties of trying to build a wheel in peace while a toddler who LOVES things that spin (wheels, pedals, cranks) wanted to get involved in the process. The only thing I imagine being worse would be gluing on tubular tires with multiple cats in the same room.

When I first got the Felt FC frameset I had a momentary freakout when I saw a Di2 sticker on it and a lack of cable guides. However, I soon realized that they frame works for mechanical when you install cable guides that come with it! It also has a BB30 bottom bracket but thanks to some FSA reducers I’m able to run my Dura-Ace SRM with it’s 24mm spindle. Phew! For a lower end frame in the Felt range I’m impressed attention to detail and qualify of finish. It would have been nice to have a lighter higher end model like the AR, but as my focus is on track, this fits my needs for a training bike that may see some occasional road race action.