Elite Turbo Muin

I’ve been searching for a direct-drive trainer for a while… The best thing out there to-date is supposedly the BT-Advanced Training System. Noisy, but delivers a punishing workout from what I’ve heard. Until I live in a house with my own garage and no neighbors attached, I need to have a quiet means of training. Seems like the Italian folks at Elite may have come up with the solution – The Elite Turbo Muin. Direct drive fluid trainer and supposedly so quiet you can probably hear your neighbors eating their dinner. Thanks to Bob at ProNet and Rudy at Oschner, I was put in contact with City Velo in Denver who have one of these (hopefully magical) trainers on its way to me. With some luck I should have it before Christmas. ┬áIf it lives up to the hype and allows me to do brutal workouts, I’m sure I’ll be cussing it out in no time! I’ll post more photos and a review once I’ve got it and churned out some miles.