US Grand Prix of Sprinting

So… That didn’t quite go so well! Before Friday morning I don’t recall ever doing a flying lap. Nothing quite like doing it for the first time at a UCI race. I managed to not set the world on fire with a 20.195 ride over the 333m lap which works out at a slugging 59-ish kph. I even got chicked by some of the pro women. Oops.

Next race on the schedule was the Points Races. I figured this would go better being more of an endurance event… Not so much. I was a lap down within <20 laps of the 90 lap race, then suddenly there were a couple pistol shots and the race was stopped. No one knew why but we later found out that the UCI realized there was no medical people on site. Oops. So we all sat there for 30mins while the organizers arranged for medical support. They eventually arrived just in time for the hottest part of the day, we resumed racing, and no longer had I started, I was pulled by the UCI official as I was getting lapped again. Damn… Maybe not having my road bike to train on has screwed up my form more than I thought.

In the evening I ventured back to the track for the Elimination Race… At this point I was sitting in last place in the Omnium so I lined up at the back for the race start. Not the best place to be in so as soon as the race started I got my nose to the front of the pack. I managed to stay in for a few laps before being eliminated. I guess it could have been first… At least I wasn’t eliminated on lap 1!

Overall, the first day mostly sucked.

On Day 2 the first even I was going to ride was the Individual Pursuit. I got in a good warmup and was all ready to go, did one last spin around the infield when I got the dreaded psss psss psss sound. Yup, I flatted my rear disc on all the crap on the track infield and apron. Not enough time to borrow a spare wheel from someone so I decided to scratch it and pull the plug on the remaining racing for the weekend. In hindsight that wasn’t an entirely bad decision as the other events got rain delayed until 8pm with racing not concluding until 11pm.

Time to figure out how to re-align my duck before Nationals in LA in 3.5 weeks time!