Track Time!

The first few couple of weekends in Colorado were spent hopping between Ross, Target, and various furniture stores in an attempt to make our apartment livable! With that situation much improved I had time to drive south to the 7-Eleven Velodrome in Colorado Springs for a bit of training. Last week I managed to do something to my back and on Saturday when I rode, I could barely put any power down with my right leg and almost turned back for home after a couple minutes. Things were a bit better on Sunday, but still definitely not normal. 1.25hrs of driving later and I made it to Colorado Springs. After signing a pile of forms and handing over a total of $30 in fees, I was up on the track and doing laps. It was definitely good to be back on the track after not being there since Master Nationals in 2009… The banking seems more tame that the track in LA and the headwind going into turn 1 was just as bad I remember it being. I did a bunch of laps, a few efforts (well, as close to an “effort” as I could get with my back pain), then packed my stuff and drove back north to Denver.

The rest of the day was spent being a tourist around downtown denver… Convention Center (to see the 40ft tall blue bear “I see what you mean”), Denver Art Museum (designed by Starchitect Daniel Libeskind), then City Park (to get one of the best views of the downtown skyline with rocky mountain backdrop).