Hawaii vs Mainland

Sure living in Hawaii is pretty damn good, and a lot of people are probably envious that some of us are fortunate enough to be able to call Hawaii home. However, having just come back from a trip to the “Mainland”, aka “Lower 48 States”, aka “Continental US”, it served as a reminder of a few differences between Hawaii and California.

– The speed limits here are SLOW. It was so nice to be able to drive north of 60mph without fear of being pulled over.
– The condition of roads here is not good. I didn’t hit a single pothole on a freeway while in California. Hawaii has a small temp swing and moderate weather yet we don’t seem to be able to have quality roads.
– Hawaii NEEDS Trader Joes.
– Hawaii NEEDS a velodrome! A couple of people I met at the track in Carson all said “If there was a track in Hawaii I would be there!” etc. Build it and they will come!