MAP Testing

Yesterday I decided to attempt a MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power)¬†test on my rollers… Unfortunately, as I had expected, a mixture of maxing out resistance and having to concentrate on balance meant that the results weren’t quite as good as they should have been. Today I headed out to Tantalus via Papakolea to attempt the same MAP test; Starting at 200w with a ramp rate of 20w per minute which is typical for Cat 1 / Elite / Pro cyclists. <Cat 1 and the suggested ramp rate is 25w/min. Had I not attempted the same test yesterday I reckon I’d have been able to get up to 440w or the final minute, but I had to settle for 400w this time. It was a bit of trial and error so not a huge deal that I didn’t set the wattage ¬†world of fire, plus it doubled up as a good training ride. 75& of the final 1min of watts prior to failure gives your FTP. Similar to a 20min FTP test where 95% of your 20min power gives your FTP. Just another way to skin the FTP cat and also the same protocol used by British Cycling.

I shipped one of my track bikes over to LA last week and fly out to Omaha for work on Monday evening. On the way back to Hawaii I managed to work in a stopover in LA to train at the Velo Sports Center in Carson, CA (250m indoor velodrome) where Elite track nationals are typically held. I’ve not been on the boards since 2010 so I can’t wait to get in some real track time on a world class facility!