2015 is my 20th year of competitive cycling and I’ve raced pretty much everything other than CX. I can now put a check in the box for Keirin.

Sitting in 3rd behind the moto in the Keirin final.

On July 22 I headed up to the Boulder Valley Velodrome for the second Pro Am series event which included the CO State Championship Elimination Race. I loved racing the event on the grass at Highland Games where it’s known as “Devil Take the Hindmost”. Before that race, they decided to hold the Keirin State Championship that didn’t happen two weeks earlier due to rain. I had no plans on racing it, but that changed when I was told I was in Heat 1, at which point I was in a mad scramble to change my bike from 51×16 to 51×14. I got the bolts tightened up just as the national anthem was starting.

Heat 1. I drew lane 5 (highest on the track) which wasn’t ideal, but at least I wasn’t in 1 and obligated to take the moto. I tried to get into position 2 or 3 when we got rolling but no one was budging. There was no way I was dropping back to the tail end so I ended up sitting out in the wind. I think I made my move with 2 or 3 laps to go which was a bit early, but it managed to hold off a fast charging Ian Holt for 3rd place by a whisker. The top 3 from each heat advance so that put me into the final.

In the final I drew lane 3 which was a relief. It was me, Jake Duehring (Has medaled at PanAm’s, raced world cups, worlds, and we won the elite team pursuit in 2013), Samuel Fogel (Young and fast – Will be racing┬áJunior worlds), Colby Pearce (2x Olympian… nuff said), Chris Ferris, and Steven Herzfeld. If you asked me who was going to win a week earlier, my money would have been on Herzfeld. The race itself was fairly uneventful… I slotted into 2nd or 3rd and held my position for as long as possible until the attacks started. It was pretty much Jake vs. Samuel who opened up a gap, then I held onto 3rd. Jake went on to dominate the night’s racing taking wins in the Pro Men Tempo and Elimination State Championship.

Keirin Podium L-R (Me, Jake, Samuel)

Another fast night of racing, and another significant increase in my 1min power that I’d PB’d the previous week. Not peaking yet, but making some consistent improvements in power.